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We start off from the mission with the goal of participating actively in the 21st century?the technical society beyond passive onlookers of the environment. We are going to keep supporting the activities that encourage parents' partnership as their children¡¯s companion rather than commander. Parents have the main role of understanding social change as well as of controlling online activities of children daily.

We are very proud of implementing to monitor harmful to minors contents on/offline and internet addiction for the last 10 years. In the process, we do not simply pinpointing the dysfunctional charges. In order for the Internet users to establish a culture of the sound use, the information communication ethics education has been performed as well. Each year more than 100 educational institutions of education, publication of annual reports, campaigns, seminars and other activities were held.

But now, taking a step further, we are attempting a new challenging plan to instill nature of grassroots movement. Rapidly changing society is requiring us to inform what the society means. First of all, we are trying our best to find inactive parents and join in our various activities. For instance, we organize a monthly forum and operate it, guiding them to be the model of the future society.

It is also our mission to provide an opportunity to the parents letting them know that they are the major member of the global society. Our reality of globalization is like that. We are one of the eight pairs of married couples in the multicultural family in Korea but one of the four pairs of married couples in the multicultural family if we go to the rural area. In this sociocultural environment, it¡¯s very important for all kinds of parents to be cooperative in propagating social integration, awareness, respect for diversity.

Along the multicultural parents and disabled parents, we will contribute to creating harmony with the global integration. Parents¡¯ future-oriented consciousness and formation of social service environment is our constant challenge. We look forward to sharing your interest and cooperation.


Dr. Kyung Hwa Lee/ education